Correct Error 404 Page (vqmod)

The plugin replaces Soft 404 Error by the same page but with special header (404 Not Found), which tells search engine that page doesn't exist on the server.

It should add support "404 Not Found" header for robots, when category, product or brand are missing.

It removes "Soft 404" from Google Webmaster Tools (not immediately! it require some time).

If your shop have frequent structure changes, products flow, this extension is definitely for you. It will help you to avoid nonexistent products or categories in Google or Bind (or etc) search engine index.


  1. You must have installed vqmod before!
  2. Extract everything from archive. You will see “upload” directory.
  3. Copy all from “upload” directory to your Opencart directory (via FTP or SFTP).

No longer supported

Enjoy it!


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