LinkedIn API Client with OAuth 2 authorization written on PHP

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See complete example inside index.php to get started.


Use composer package manager

composer require zoonman/linkedin-api-php-client

Or add this package as dependency to composer.json.

If you have never used Composer, you should start here and install composer.


To start working with LinkedIn API, you will need to get application client id and secret.

Go to LinkedIn Developers portal and create new application in section My Apps.

Bootstrapping autoloader and instantiating a client

// ... please, add composer autoloader first
include_once __DIR__ . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'vendor' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'autoload.php';

// import client class
use LinkedIn\Client;

// instantiate the Linkedin client
$client = new Client(

Getting local redirect URL

To start linking process you have to setup redirect url. You can set your own or use current one. SDK provides you a getRedirectUrl() helper for your convenience:

$redirectUrl = $client->getRedirectUrl();

We recommend you to have it stored during the linking session because you will need to use it when you will be getting access token.

Setting local redirect URL

Set a custom redirect url use:


Getting LinkedIn redirect URL

In order of performing OAUTH 2.0 flow, you should get LinkedIn login URL. During this procedure you have to define scope of requested permissions. Use Scope enum class to get scope names. To get redirect url to LinkedIn, use the following approach:

// define scope
$scopes = [
$loginUrl = $client->getLoginUrl($scopes); // get url on LinkedIn to start linking

Now you can take user to LinkedIn. You can use link or rely on Location HTTP header.

Getting Access Token

To get access token use (don't forget to set redirect url)

$accessToken = $client->getAccessToken($_GET['code']);

Performing API calls

All API calls can be called through simple method:

$profile = $client->api(
    ['parameter name' => 'its value here'],
    'HTTP method like GET for example'

There are two helper methods:

// get method
$client->get('ENDPOINT', ['param' => 'value']);

$client->post('ENDPOINT', ['param' => 'value']);

To perform api call to get profile information

$profile = $client->get(

To list companies where you are an admin

$profile = $client->get(
    ['is-company-admin' => true]

To share content on a personal profile

$share = $client->post(
        'comment' => 'Checkout this amazing PHP SDK for LinkedIn!',
        'content' => [
            'title' => 'PHP Client for LinkedIn API',
            'description' => 'OAuth 2 flow, composer Package',
            'submitted-url' => '',
            'submitted-image-url' => '',
        'visibility' => [
            'code' => 'anyone'


Please, open PR with your changes linked to an GitHub issue. You code must follow PSR standards and have PHPUnit tests.



View GitHub repo

If you have any issue with the project, feel free to report it on GitHub. Thank you!