Magloop Tuner

Magloop Tuner

There are a few caviats that you must be aware about. The most significant one - this system is slow to tune. You can get a Nema 11 motor without gearbox. With driver microstepping you should be able to achieve the desired tuning precision.


The solution is using a custom version of ESP32 - LILYGO/TTGO, basically this is ESP32+TFT Display. The display is used to show IP address of the MagLoop Tuner so it can be accessed via browser.


  1. Motor Nema 11. Manufacturer Part Number: 11HS12-0674D1-PG27
  2. Stepper Motor Driver TMC2209
  3. ESP32 Variant LILYGO/TTGO
  4. Pulleys & belts GT2
  5. Capacitors, resistor and 7805 linear stabilizator are from AliExpress.

I will publish it on GitHub as long as it will be ready.