LiveRecord - a new look at communication

I'm glad to announce that RuLiQ project has been evolved in something bigger than just a chat.

As developer, I want to use new technologies to build immersive chat-like experience in terms of regular forum. Unlike other products like Discord or Slack, Liverecord is about subjects you want to discuss. I noticed that it is important for people discuss different topics in different channels which leads to huge amount of channels. So I designed the chat system with great support of multiple channels. From UI perspective presence of channels is not visible, it is all topics. It helps to keep information organized.

What you can do:

  • Chat having rich formatted messages (you don't have to deal with markdown anymore, it is the past century)
  • Attach files, share images
  • Make a video calls to talk problem through, exchange configurations and log samples
  • You can discuss problems privately, we support secret chats
  • Invite interesting people to make this place better
  • Join development team


Field of applications

The project is a basically forum drop-in replacement with simplified and linearized structure.

The project can be used as public support board, people can open discussions and obtain help from leaders and community.

The project can be used effectively in opne consulting services, legal help etc.

Another option - you can use it as educational platform. The editor is quite flexible and permits rich formatting, so you can insert illustrations and format text.

The project can be used instead of Slack when you want to have something local within your organization. Also I am planning to make additional efforts to make special builds which could be used inside Internetless environments.

History of the project


Initially I built this project as little chat built on top of and using MongoDB to store chatlogs.

I made some awesome hacker style dark design for it using Fixedsys font substitute.

Also it had very simple features like personal messages, roster, typing notifications and removal of undesired content.

It was not a popular project but some people used it.



The next iteration was a little bit bigger effort to rebuild the chat and make some rooms which drove me a new idea - use topics instead of rooms and organize topics by category. This sparkle lights up the idea of LiveRecord - place where you can discuss everything. It merges ideas of regular forum and chat into the new reatime communication platform.

The LiveRecord is getting fleshed out on Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB.

When the early prototype is ready Microsoft drops the support of Skype on Windows XP cutting my mom away from me. Luckily for us I was already looking at WebRTC and in 2 evenings I made simple usable WebRTC client. Communication was restored!

Since then I made the platform to support multiple languages, themes etc.


Nowadays I am rebuilding it using modern technologies like Angular and Golang. To day there is nothing much to say, a lot of work has to be done before I can call it complete.

Release info and Metrics



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