About project ProGimp.ru


This site was built for designers, photographers, painters and image processing fans working with Gimp. The main goals of project - publishing lessons for beginners and making social environment for his professional growth.

My role in this project blurred between server-side and client-side. I designed database and wrote all necessary scripts on PHP and JS. Except this I did full server tuning for this project.

This project has good auditory: every day project has been opened by 12000 visitors, who viewed about 70000 pages and made 19 GB daily traffic.

Statistics for Jan and Feb of 2013
MonthUnique visitors Number of visitsPages HitsBandwidth
Jan 2013167080236483110878524218315427.86 GB
Feb 201315313621628295261123145799427.17 GB

In this project I use NoSQL solutions like memcached for data caching. It makes site ready for high load.

Also site has unique parser of GBR and GIH Gimp brushes. This parser automatically create a sample of brushstroke.

Right now project is abandoned.